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Directional Fish Feeders

     When looking for a feeder you should try to find a directional feeder. Directional feeders only feed in one direction and throw a pie shaped pattern roughly 45° and 10-25’ away from the bank. The older style feeders or scatter feeders can be used but must be suspended over the pond and are just not effective or convenient. Texas Hunter, Sweeney and some of the Stren Feeders are the most popular directional feeders. These feeders feature a two part delivery system that prevents raccoons and other varmints from vandalizing them. When shopping for a fish feeder you want a unit that holds the appropriate amount of feed. Most models hold around 50lbs of floating fish feed. This is sufficient for your average lake and pond owners; you can expect to fill the feeder monthly depending on feeding times. Larger models are available, some units can hold 200lbs or more, these units are only needed on ranches that are not visited frequently.
Digital Feeder Timer
A solar panel is an absolute must for any feeder. Most feeders are 12v and come with, or at least have an option for the appropriate solar panel. Without daily recharging of the battery you will not get consistent feedings and may shorten your battery life. A digital timer is another great feature to have, with multiple feedings per day and adjustable times. Feeding times and durations will differ from summer to winter, having a timer that is user friendly makes these changes painless.
Small feed sizes are another obstacle for some feeders. Texas Hunter and Sweeney Feeders by far have the best design to eliminate these problems. Texas Hunter Feeders feature a spinning disk that delivers any size feed without hesitation and without clogging. Sweeney Feeders use an auger drive to pull feed sizes as small as 1/16” to the delivery device. Over the years we have used both Sweeney and Texas Hunter Feeders and found both of these brands superior to all other feeders we have used. Stren Feeders have proven to be of good quality as well but doesn’t seem to handle the smallest sized feeds as the others do.
Feeders range in price from $450 upto $1200
Directional Fish Feeder

Texas Hunter Fish Feeder in Action