Green Algae Control Lake Management

Managing Private Lakes and Ponds

Rural Lakes and Ponds
Managing private lakes and ponds is among the most rewarding things you can do. Removed from the city environment you are free to pursue what ever goals you may have set for your waters. Be it high action fishing ponds or a picture perfect back drop for your morning coffee, private ponds have all the possiblities in the world. All it takes is a little know how and the right plan of action and it won't be long before you reap the benefits of your labor. The management of private ponds requires an entirely different approach. To create a balanced and healthy ecosystem, the manager must be profecient in many different areas. Vegetation control, and Fisheries Management are the two biggest challenges facing the private pond owner. Green Algae Control understands the challenges that you face and is happy to assist. We can taylor a program to fit your needs, even if you wish to perform the work yourself we can help you lay out a plan or we can execute that plan for you.

Vegetation Control In Private Ponds

Vegetation is a natural part of a pond, but when left unmanaged it can quickly become a nuissance. A well balanced pond typically has between 20-30% vegetation coverage. This gives your smaller fish places to take refuge from predators and also helps fuel the food-chain by harbouring tiny aquatic insects. However, if this vegetation becomes too thick it can prevent your predator fish from being able to forage and have a negative impact on species such as Large Mouth Bass. Excessive vegetation also reduces water quality and oxygen levels, some ponds may even experience fish kills because of an overabundance of aquatic plants. Even more pond owners experience total fish losses after attempting to treat their vegetation. Dying vegetation consumes oxygen and can quickly cause fish losses, if you are planning to treat your pond it's always advisable to consult with an experienced applicator, one with first hand knowledge of aquatics.  

Fisheries Management in Private Ponds

Ever since the Bass fishing circuit took the world by storm we have been drilled into believing that Catch and Release is the law. While we must admit, Catch and Release has indeed helped the fishing world it's not always the best practice on private ponds. Lakes and Ponds have a natural cycle of roughly 10-12 years. Meaning that with-out any management they will be productive for 5-7 years, then plateau for the next few years only to drop off abruptly. However if you know some of the keys to look for and have the appropreate harvest regiment you can keep a pond at it's peak for as long as you continue to the proper management practices. Catch Records are among the simplest tools that offer tons of information about a pond. Combine this with supplemental feeding or stocking of approapriate forage species and corrective harvesting and your private pond will be the envy of the county.
Fish tagging
Tagging individual fish and tracking growth over time is just one of the tools that help diagnose the health of a fishery. If you would like more info of fish tagging or other Lake and Fisheries tools you can implement to improve you pond drop us a line at Green Algae Control Lake Management.